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Welcome on the ICT Helpdesk

Our mission is to provide the VUB staff and students with a single point of contact and responsive tracking of computing and information technology related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions are documentened in our WebNotes. Other questions you can ask us using our Online Question Form. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

The Helpdesk service is manned during office hours, at least between 9AM until 5PM. You can contact us by phone on 02/650.3737 or even better by e-mail to support@ulb.ac.be


Latest news & Items of interest

Phishing alert: 23 March - You have 19 pending messages
The latest phishing lures you into believing you have missed a number of messages. As with other phishings, DO NOT RESPOND to this message.

Office 365 Collaboration and Communication portal at the VUB
The Office 365 portal offers the VUB community the possibility to use the on- and offline Cooperation and Communication tools of Microsoft.

Access to port 111 from outside the university network to be denied
As a security precaution, access from outside the VUB/ULB university network to port 111 - a port mapper - will be denied as of Wednesday, 15 February 2017. If you require access to this port, contact the ICT-Helpdesk. Read more...

Virus alert 4 January - "Openstaande factuur" contains malware
Beware wary of scanned documents or fake invoices sent by legitimate companies that look like PDF's or normal documents (Word, Excel,...) but in reality contain viruses and malware, among which cryptolockers. A cryptolocker will encrypt all documents on the affected computer and attached drives, thus rendering those documents useless. So be extremely vigilant when receiving messages with attachments, from any source. DO NOT OPEN THESE ATTACHMENTS!

Beware of phishing emails!
Phishing is a form of Internet fraude in which cyber criminals try to persuade their victims to provide personal information. Beware of any invation you receive - by email or other - which requires you to submit personal information onto a website or to send back that information by email.


Most Frequently Read

Phishing alert: 23 March - You have 19 pending messages
The latest phishing lures you into believing you have missed a number of messages. As with other phishings, DO NOT RESPOND to this message.

Wireless networks VUB unavailable Monday 13 Feb 8:30-8:45
Monday morning, 13 February, all wireless networks at the VUB (VUBnext, eduroam, VUBguest) will be inaccessible for about 15 minutes for system maintenance between 8:30 and 8:45.

Keeping your Mailbox to a reasonable size
Messages that are sent to you, are (temporarily) stored on the mailserver. If the total amount of messages on the server exceeds your quota, you won't be able to receive new mail until you reduce the total size of your mail on the server.

Eduroam and how to connect to it for the VUB/ULB
Eduroam is a roaming network infrastucture used by the international research and education community. Being part of eduroam, you are allowed to access a wireless network at visited institutions (also connected to eduroam).

Incoming and outgoing mailservers at the university
To send and receive your university e-mail through a specialized e-mail program (Outlook, Mac Mail), you need to configure the incoming and outgoing mailservers in your mailprogram.

Connecting to a remote computer in a secure way
Secure shell (ssh) is a protocol that allows you to connect between two computers in a secure way, that is without anyone being able to intercept the communication between your computer and the remove computer. Secure copy (scp) allows you to transfer files between two computers in a secure way.

Solving the winmail.dat file problem
If you are recieving the winmail.dat file

Emailconfiguration for Outlook 2003
You can use Outlook to receive and send email with your university's email address.

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